8 Things You Should Never Put In A Microwave


8 Things You Should Never Put In A Microwave

The microwave is, quite possibly, the most amazing invention to ever be thought up when it comes to the kitchen.

However, there are some hard-and-fast rules as to what you should and should never put in your microwave.

If not used exactly as the manufacturer instructs, the microwave can become dangerous. Fires can start. Explosions can even occur.

Some of these 10 things to never put in a microwave may surprise you. But once you read through the list you won’t have to worry about your safety. Prepare food in minutes as often as you need to without fretting!

Have you ever been shocked to see sparks coming from your microwave? It’s a very scary experience. Make sure that never happens again, and always check for “microwave-safe” on all dishware!

Did we forget anything from our list?

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1. Whole Eggs

eggs micorwave
Wikimedia Commons / Timothy Titus

While you can cook scrambled eggs in the microwave if you’re in a huge hurry, you don’t want to put a whole egg into a microwave.

According to incredibleegg.org, it will heat up too fast, and the steam building up inside of the egg will not be able to escape through the pores quickly enough. This will cause the shell to explode and make a big old mess in your microwave.