Dog Puts On Incredible Show When He Gives Owner CPR



The FCI dog dance world championships took place in June of this year and what a show it proved to be.

However, nobody stole the show quite like Lusy Imbergerova and her dog Deril. The routine included a rough wake up call from Deril, marching, and pushups.


But the real show stopper came when Lucy feigned an injury and the dog went to work immediately, giving her CPR.



The act captured the attention of the crowd and the applause of the media. The viral video has now made its rounds throughout the internet racking up more than a million views on Youtube, showing the clever pooch alternating chest compressions with mouth-to-mouth tactics.



And how did the duo do, you may wonder? The team from Italy faired quite well, gaining an impressive second place in the freestyle division.While the performance is just an act of pretend, that doesn’t make the dog’s training any less impressive. These two are an inspiring team of coordination and timing.

Kudos to these two for being a fantastic team. You can watch their entire performance in the video below, but if you’d rather skip straight to the winning scene, the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can be seen at 3:40.

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[Featured Image: Videos from Freestyle&HTM World Championship 2016 Moscow via Youtube]