Herman The Danish Cat Always Looks Shocked Due To His Huge Eyes



Herman, the Danish cat looks like a scaredy cat but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Herman doesn’t actually live in a constant state of panic, he just has some very wonky eyes. Herman was born with a rare genetic disorder that causes the eyes to grow disproportionately huge. It’s not very common among cats, however, when this disorder does occur, it typically requires surgery to correct the problem.

In the case of Herman the horrified house cat, everything is A-okay with his face. Herman didn’t need surgery and is a happy and healthy animal thanks to his Mom keeping a close eye on him.ui

In fact, she says the only oddity that comes along with Herman’s strange eyesight is the fact that he often sleeps with his eyes open. So how does she know if he’s really sleeping at all? Easy! Mom says Herman is a very loud snorer, which makes it easy for anybody in the neighborhood to know if this little guy is knocked out.

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[Featured Image: Barcroft TV via Youtube]