Some Of Your Favorite Stars Are Allegedly Known Pedophiles


The lives of celebrities can be a guilty pleasure for a lot of us, but anyone that’s paid attention to Hollywood knows that there’s a dark underbelly to celebrity that very rarely shows itself, or worse, it shows itself, but people just breeze by it thanks to how influential that person is. I’m not talking about the celebrities who have had issues with parenting, or relationships, or even drugs. I’m talking about the celebrities who have been accused and even convicted of pedophilia. You might not believe it, but there are a lot of celebrities who have had run ins with the law over this issue, and no matter how the case is treated by the media and by fans, pedophilia is always a serious thing that shouldn’t be swept under the rug because of a person’s influence. Here are some famous people who have either been accused or convicted of pedophilia, and the reasons why.

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red_carpet_2.0Not every celebrity is created equal. There are many celebrities who have been convicted of crimes or have severe issues that need working out. However, most celebrities aren’t pedophiles. The following celebrities are, or have been accused of it at the very least.



Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein is famous for funding different scientific studies that have made big strides in medicine. However, he’s not quite as much as a saint as we think: he was convicted and served thirteen months in jail for soliciting an underage prostitute. He’s now a registered sex offender in Florida.