Video: Heroic Man Saves Suicidal Woman From Jumping In Front Of Train



A quick-thinking man saved a suicidal woman’s life in China. Footage captured on station surveillance camera shows the woman, reportedly a college student, running towards the train tracks just seconds before a high-speed train reached the station.

Seeing her racing towards the tracks, the alert man runs behind her and grabs her arm just seconds before she is about to leap. In his attempt to save the woman, the man hits his head on the concrete but doesn’t let go. Just seconds later, the train arrives on the platform and two more people rush towards the pair to help them out.

According to CGTN, the incident happened on May 10 at Putian station in Fujian province in Southeast China.

Watch the heart-stopping video here

The man, reportedly a railway worker, got injured while trying to save the woman.

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