What does your baby bump say about your personality?

What does your baby bump say about your personality

Being a mother is a beautiful thing, literally a blessing from heaven. It is absolutely impossible to describe how a woman changes once she has her first baby.

Not only does the woman change on the inside, but physical changes happen as well. The baby grows and develops and the mother’s body continues to make room for the growth of her child. Her body literally moves to accomidate the baby and some woman end up carrying their baby high, some low, and some carry it centered.

Why is it that the woman’s body instinctively carries the baby a certain way? Is it trying to tell her a little bit about who she is on the inside? Maybe yes, maybe no. It is for you to decide.

For those of you who think it could, here is what your body is trying to tell you about your personality by the way your carry your baby.

How do you carry (or have carried) your baby?

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