What You See First Will Determine Who YOU Really Are

old man or young girl

Take a look at the image below. What do you see first, a girl’s back or an old man’s face? Now that the two options have been pointed out, you’ll likely notice both of them. However, what matters here is the figure that you initially noticed right off the bat. Your answer will shed light on your overall personality type and reveal how creative an individual you are so click on what you saw first to learn more about it!

The image featured in this quiz is similar in type to a very famous optical illusion that’s well over 100 years old. In 1899 Joseph Jastrow, an American psychologist, took a simple drawing that resembled a duck or a rabbit to those viewing it. He used the image in research he was conducting on human perception and mental activity and the results were eye opening.

Jastrow found that people who were able to easily change their perception between the two animals had faster working brains than those who were slower or had trouble switching between the two. He concluded that the faster an individual was able to see the image change from duck to rabbit, the more creative the person was. He used the picture to assess how creative people were by looking at what they saw first and how fast they saw it, and thus laid the groundwork for future types of visual-psychoanalytical assessment tests.

Check out the young girl’s back/old man’s face drawing and see what it reveals about you!

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